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Arsenal Wines is a modern enterprise with the latest technological equipment. The production line is constantly being updated, new technologies are being introduced. Modern technologies and traditions of processing natural berries and herbs perfectly combine in production. The enterprise uses high-quality alcohol "Alpha" and "Lux", artesian water enriched with shungite. Arsenal of wines uses coal cleaning technology, cleaning with dry milk and filtering with silver. The enterprise is a participant of the voluntary certification system «Natural Vologda Product», which confirms the quality of the products. Arsenal of Wines is the reliable partner in the market of alcoholic products Ecological purity of production.

Satisfaction of the population’s needs for natural alcoholic products of the Vologda producers both in the region and outside.
The eco - harmonic enterprise using the natural potential of the geographical location.
CJSC Arsenal of Wines is
The reliable partner in the market of alcoholic products Ecological purity of production. Maintaining the best traditions of processing of berries and medicative herbs in production of alcoholic products
Vodka Rodnie Ozera
• High-quality grain alcohol "Lux"
• The purest artesian water
• Milk cleansing for extra softness and flawless taste.
Vodka Vologodskaia Marka
• The highest quality "Alpha"
• The natural composition and properties of water
• Multilevel water purification and softening system
• 100% natural berry tincture
• Using the secrets of old recipes in combination with modern production technologies enable fully convey of the rich taste and aroma of berries.
• Tincture deserves high awards at tasting competitions and is very popular among those who choose natural products.
Pepper with honey
• Made from natural raw materials
• Contains collection of medicinal herbs and honey
• Pleasant warming taste
• Silver medal of the tasting contest "Best vodka 2017"
Bitter Staraia Vologda
• 20 curative herbs and plants
• Harmonious combination of medicinal properties with exquisite taste and aroma.
Vodka Reznoi Palisad
• The highest quality "Alpha" and infusion of flax seeds
• On the basis of natural artesian water
• Ice filtration
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